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Meet Norm Robison



Norm Robison has lived in the Renton area of Washington State his entire life. His woodworking career began in 1984 in a small shop in the Kent area.

After Norm watched a furniture repair person fix a set of dining room chairs, he quickly learned this would be his calling. He then pursued this career.

Norm moved to the Bon Marche furniture department, where he learned how to touch-up furniture and also repair it.



Customer Service

Norm owns his own small shop in the Renton Highlands area where he has been repairing, refinishing, and repurposing furniture for 11 years.

With small overhead costs, Norm is able to provide each of his customers with the best prices around.

He offers the best one-on-one services to his clients, and you will never find this type of personalized service in any high end, large shop.

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What else you need to know more about us

Norm Robison has been in business since 1988. His expert craftsmanship and love for his work ensures that every piece of furniture that he creates will be one you'll be proud to own! Affordability is what Norm aims to achieve, being a small and independent operator. He understands that your furniture increases the aesthetic appeal of your home, which is why everything is customized to your needs.


Norm also specializes in restoring old pieces. Why spend hundred of dollars on something new when you can hire him to restore that precious family antique or that ratty old desk you purchased at a garage sale! Not only do you contribute to helping the environment, but also avoid the extra expenditure! Get in touch with us TODAY!