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Furniture Care Tips

Your furniture is an investment, and if taken care of properly, it can last for generations. Keep your furniture in beautiful condition by protecting it from common household problems.


Here are some helpful hints to aid you in keeping your furniture looking its best:

  • Avoid using cleaners with ammonia. Ammonia is known to damage furniture made from wood.

  • When using furniture polish, use polish that does not contain high amounts of alcohol. Alcohol can damage wood finish on furniture.

  • Frequently take a dry, soft, clean cloth and dust off your furniture.

  • To reduce the chances of water rings, use a coaster with cork or felt bottoms.

  • Protect your furniture from hot serving dishes by placing a natural fiber tablecloth over your table and using a trivet or oven mitt.

  • Do not allow moisture to stay trapped between your wood surface and your glass. Always dry the wood surface before a glass is replaced.

  • Prevent your furniture from pet damage by placing a chair cover, natural fiber tablecloth, or protective pad on your furniture.

  • Place your wood furniture out of direct sunlight. Sunlight will dry and fade your wood surfaces.

  • Do not place coffee makers under your upper cabinets as the steam may escape and cause damage to the wood finish.

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Moisture and Wood: Prevent a Disaster

Too much dryness or moisture can be the worst enemy of your wood furniture. Moisture often causes mold and mildew, while dryness causes your wooden furniture to crack and lose its color. Maintaining a balance between the two can be difficult, but it is important to help keep your wood furniture looking nice.


Here are a few tips to help you prevent moisture and dryness from damaging your wood furniture:

  • Maintain a consistent temperature throughout your home. Major temperature changes can lead to humidity changes, which cause more moisture to be in the air.

  • Avoid placing your furniture in laundry rooms or bathrooms as this can expose your furniture to moisture.

  • Never let your home become too dry. Extremely dry areas can cause your wood to split, shrink, and become brittle.

  • When cleaning your furniture hardware and glass accents, make sure moisture does not sit in them after the cleaning is complete.

  • Protect your wood surfaces from direct contact with water. Place glass surfaces over top of your tables or you can use coasters, tablecloths, trivets, and pads to protect your furniture.

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